Why ‘live chickens’ may have caused the Great Barrier Reef’s coral bleaching

A new video has emerged that purports to show live animals being put to work in a factory that produces live coral.

In the video, released by the Live Animals Project, a team of volunteers work in the Far East to prepare coral bleached eggs, then deliver them to farmers in Australia.

The footage shows the eggs being carefully wrapped in paper, then wrapped in plastic and transported to the Far Eastern island of Hainan for sale to local farmers.

The video’s producers claim that live coral eggs can be sold in Australia for up to $200,000 a kilo, which is more than the annual income of the average Hainani farmer.

Live animals are used for several purposes in Australia, including food and cosmetics, as well as livestock, fish and wildlife.

A video showing a live coral egg being placed into a plastic bag has also been widely shared on social media.

The footage has also prompted a number of responses from the Australian community, with one person writing on Twitter:”I have never seen such an act of cruelty, cruelty and depravity.

I have no doubt that it will be caught on tape and shared.

But what is most disturbing is the ignorance of its viewers.

We live in a country that respects and respects the rights of all people.”

A number of Hainsi communities have voiced concerns about the factory, which the organisation says is run by an Indonesian company, which has not been named.

Hainan’s Department of Environment and Tourism has confirmed to the ABC that the factory is operated by the company, but declined to comment further.

The Far East region is also home to several industrial farms, including a large farm in the city of Wuhan that is one of the largest on the FarEast.


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