When you’re sick and you need a new computer, there’s an app for that

The world of Windows Live and Windows Mobile has been rocked by an alarming spate of new infections.

The first to hit the scene was liver failure.

The virus is a liver virus, meaning it’s a cystic liver disease.

You can infect yourself by sharing the wrong virus with someone else, or by eating something that could cause liver damage.

And when you get sick with it, the virus is often a strain of hepatitis C, a liver cancer.

The infection is most common in people over age 50, and people with a family history of the disease are particularly at risk.

But even if you’re not currently infected with a liver disease, you should consider getting a new PC, even if it’s not yours. 

The first to attack Windows Live was in June.

In a blog post, Microsoft noted that more than 300 million Windows Live sessions were recorded and the infection rate was rising.

But Microsoft wasn’t the only one to take notice.

Microsoft has since rolled out a patch to address the problem. 

Microsoft also announced a Windows Live Insider program, which allowed people to check out and install the update.

Microsoft also said it was working to provide a tool to automatically check for the new virus.

Microsoft says it is actively investigating the issue and is working with Microsoft, Apple, Google, Microsoft Research, Symantec and others to provide the update as quickly as possible.

Read more about Microsoft’s new Windows Live security update. 

Read more on Microsoft

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