When you’re in the hospital, a liver function analysis can be the key to finding out when you need to go home

The Israeli health minister says a new liver function tests can help detect when people need to leave their homes, and it can be used in emergencies. 

The ministry’s director-general of medical services, Dr. Eliyahu Shapira, told the army radio station Ynet on Monday that people in hospitals should have the test performed when they are in need of immediate assistance. 

Shapira also said that people who are diagnosed with liver failure should be sent home, but added that it is up to them to decide whether they need the test. 

Liver function tests have been used in Israel in the past to detect whether people need a liver transplant, and if they do, the test will be used to assess the health of the patient. 

During a live call on Friday, the Health Ministry’s director of medical operations, Dr, Yair Tufan, said that the tests are not only useful for diagnosing people who need to be hospitalized, but also for emergency purposes. 

He said that while tests can detect the presence of cancer cells, they can also detect changes in the liver function that are caused by a person’s diet, smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption and other factors. 

Tufan also said the tests should be used if they detect signs of inflammation or a lack of oxygen in the blood, as well as to help determine whether a person has a disease that causes inflammation.

“If we find an increase in the presence or level of inflammation, we will ask the person to take a blood test to determine whether the inflammation has returned,” he said. 

“If the results are negative, the person should go to the hospital and get the test.” 

While it is not currently clear whether people who smoke will need to undergo a liver test to help find out whether they are at risk for liver cancer, Tufa said that, while smoking could cause the liver to become less active, it would not necessarily cause inflammation. 

According to the Ministry of Health, the tests do not reveal the presence and level of any of the chemicals that cause cancer. 

However, it is unclear whether they would be useful for the Israeli public if they were used in cases where they were diagnosed with cancer, as the ministry said it is investigating whether they could be used for this purpose. 

It is unclear how much the tests would cost, though the Health Minister said that they would cost about 5,000 shekels ($90). 

 The Israeli public, including doctors, will be able to access the tests from the public health ministry website at the end of this month.

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