When Your Parents Go To Bed: The Story of One Man’s Trip To Hell (2015)

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of “Pornstar of the Year” is of course a man who goes to hell. 

In the mid-’80s, John Travolta was a big star in Hollywood, and one of the biggest stars of his generation. 

The filmography of John T. was a great one.

He played the tough-guy type, the tough guy who doesn’t flinch from a fight, and he’s an absolute stud. 

Travoltas career really took off when he went to work for Paramount Pictures. 

His work with them was incredible. 

He did so much that you would think the studio would have no interest in him. 

But then they turned to him and said, “John, you’ve got to do a lot of work for us.” 

John did.

And they really loved him.

John T.’s career took off, and then in the late ’80s he decided he wanted to make a film. 

So, he made a film about himself, and that film is called Hell. 

Hell is a comedy about the idea of hell, and the people who go there. 

This is John T., who has a lot going on, but he also has a great story. 

There’s this guy who goes there, he doesn’t have much to do.

He has a wife, and their son has gone to hell, he’s in the hospital, he has to go to hell to find a way out. 

And so, John goes there to get his story out there.

He’s a bit of a weird character.

He’s not a very smart man.

He doesn’t speak very well.

He gets really, really pissed off when people are mean to him.

He wants to find the way out, and his name is John. 

John Travolts story is told through three different characters: the man who has to make it out of hell; the wife of the man; and the son of the husband. 

Here are some scenes from Hell that capture the essence of John.

First up, we get to see the man that goes to Hell.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this film, but you should. 

First, we have this big red-haired guy who is a hellhound. 

I can’t believe that he’s a hellhound. 

It’s the most unbelievable thing that I’ve ever heard.

You see this huge red-headed guy who’s just going, “This is hell.”

He’s a very, very big character. 

Second, we see the wife. 

We see the woman, and she has a son who has gone, “I’m going to hell,” and she wants to know why he doesn`t speak English, and what the hell is going on. 

She says, “Well, I don`t know.

I mean, it was the only language I had.” 

Third, we learn about the son. 

“He was a hell-hound.

Hellhounds are wild, but they’re not that way.

They just run.”

I think I`m hearing this, John.

He`s just going off this line of thought.

And then we see his son, and we see this little boy, who is the son, he`s not so little, but it is very tiny.

And John says, “I know what you`re going to do, and you`ll make it.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Well, John, we`re not going to go in there and torture you.

We`re just going to take you there, and let you have some fun.” 

You know, this is something that I love.

It`s very hard to get a film made like that. 

(laughs) It`ll be very hard.

And, then we have the son who goes, “Oh, well, John…” 

(starts laughing) “John, I think we`ve got a very good chance of getting in.” 

And that`s John T’s story.

So, we go there and get to the point where the son goes to the house, and it`s a real fun scene. 

Next we see a scene with the wife, who goes into the bedroom, and I think she`s supposed to be a hell hound.

But she`ll have a baby boy.

So she goes into that bedroom and the baby is not there.

So we see what the baby looks like. 

Finally, we watch the son go to the door, and John T says,  “He`s in there.” 

He`ll go to a place called Hell, where he`ll meet a bunch of other people.

And I thought

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