What to know about the Super Bowl and liver enzymes

On Monday night, the NFL and the National Football League Players Association announced that elevated liver enzyme levels are being considered as an issue in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

As of Sunday night, elevated liver activity was one of the most commonly reported symptoms of dehydration in the Superdome.

The NFLPA announced earlier in the week that it was seeking to expand the list of conditions that are being investigated.

While the NFL’s official position is that the players have the right to choose how they want to play, the players also have a right to the game, which is why they are calling for the NFL to provide the information it needs to determine whether or not the players should be allowed to play.

In a statement to ESPN, the league said it will look into the players’ requests, which will be communicated to them when they sign the document.

The league will also determine whether it is appropriate for the players to return to the field and play the game in its current state, the statement said.

“We have been informed by the NFL that players are requesting an additional review of their current status,” the statement continued.

“We are in the process of evaluating the requests and are committed to doing everything we can to provide this information as quickly as possible.”

On Monday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement in which he said he is “disappointed” in the league’s response.

“While we believe that the NFLPA’s request to review our protocol to determine how players can return to play is an important step in our effort to enhance player safety and well-being, we remain concerned about the players having to return again,” Goodell said.

“The NFL is committed to supporting the players and their efforts to make the Superbowl an exciting and competitive event for all fans, and we believe our protocol and its underlying protocols should be robust enough to allow players to participate and compete in a game that has become so popular.”

In addition to the dehydration and elevated liver function concerns, the owners have been working on a proposal that would ensure that the Super bowl is a safe experience for fans and employees.

The proposal was unveiled on Thursday, and the NFL said the league will be reviewing the proposal and discussing it with the NFL Players Association in the coming days.

The proposal is a collaborative effort between the league and the players, which could lead to a final vote on the issue on Sunday night.

The players are calling on the league to take this proposal seriously, and it could be one of their first steps toward a new protocol that would require players to be tested for liver enzymes as part of their participation.

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