‘We had to go to bed hungry’: Oregon students walk out of school

A group of Oregon students walked out of a high school graduation ceremony on Wednesday night, chanting slogans like “No more dead babies” and “No More Hunger” as they walked out from a ceremony in which the school gave a tribute to its former students.

The group had been protesting the school district’s decision to move a memorial to former student and future President of the United States Donald Trump.

“We’re here because the last thing we need is another dead baby,” one of the protesters said.

The protest came after students at the Oregon State University (OSU) in Corvallis took to social media on Wednesday to voice their concerns about the move.

“We’re sick of people telling us how much we need this [to be a safe school],” one student wrote on Twitter.

“It’s a great school, but I don’t feel safe at school.

I don.t know how I can come back and stay.”

Some students, however, were not happy with the school’s move, with one saying they were tired of having to worry about the future of their peers.

“I’m just going to take a walk, walk to work and have lunch, but when I’m at home I’m afraid to go,” said freshman Alex Varela, who took a walk with his girlfriend on Wednesday evening.

“If they had a gun and I was one of them, I’d be on the streets right now,” he added.

“They [the OSU administration] are just putting their money in and making a bunch of money.”

The protest was the culmination of several months of protests and unrest at the university.

Earlier this month, a student was killed and eight other students injured after a gunman opened fire at a Portland college.

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