The Jewish population in Israel is growing fast – and the country is changing – by the way

In a nation that prides itself on its religious tolerance, the number of Jews living in Israel rose by more than 400,000 people to nearly 3.2 million in 2015.

This means that for the first time in two decades, the Jewish population is rising.

There is no doubt that the Jewish state will continue to grow in size and become more and more diverse.

Yet, despite the growth, there is still much to do to sustain the Jewish community and to preserve the cultural identity of the country.

How to keep growing in the Jewish State How do we keep growing?

We must maintain a steady growth rate, which in 2015 was 1.9 percent.

This is an important step in maintaining our social and economic survival.

This must be achieved without diminishing the Jewish identity.

In order to reach our goal of 2.5 million Jews in Israel by 2025, we need to do two things: The first is to increase the number and size of our synagogues.

The second is to expand the number, capacity and scope of Jewish institutions and organizations.

We must make sure that they are both secular and religious in nature, and we must create space for religious observance and worship.

We cannot allow the country to become a secular state.

In a secular nation, we would not need to limit the religious nature of our society, for example, we could still observe Jewish holidays.

However, we must be careful to avoid creating a situation where religious observances and worship are limited to the state-run and religiously-affiliated institutions.

We need to create space, and for that, we can’t just exclude people based on their religious affiliation.

The Jewish state is a Jewish nation, and its Jewish identity is a part of that identity.

It’s the fundamental right of every Jew, and as such, we are obligated to protect that right.

We also need to expand our Jewish educational institutions.

In addition to the government schools and the educational institutions run by the Ministry of Education, we should also open a large number of Jewish colleges and universities, including institutions run exclusively by Jews.

The number of college and university degrees is increasing, but the number is still quite small, in part because of the high cost of college tuition.

Moreover, many Jewish institutions in the country are now closed due to the closure of Jewish neighborhoods.

The growth in the number or the scope of the Jewish educational sector in the state, and the fact that many Jewish families cannot afford to send their children to college, should be a source of concern to all citizens of Israel.

We should also encourage more women to enter the profession.

The state’s policy of allowing women to attend college is also a good thing.

However: While this has been going on for many years, the government’s actions have been not enough to support this trend.

This has made it harder for women to advance in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and to become scientists and engineers.

We can improve this situation, but we must continue to create opportunities for women, in the universities, the professions and in other areas.

The current situation is very problematic.

It is a major problem because women, as a group, make up about 50 percent of the workforce in the private sector.

This percentage has not kept up with the population, so women in the workforce are underrepresented.

We are in a crisis of our gender equality, because in 2015, the ratio of women to men in the top five percent of earners in Israel was 4.1 percent, compared to 2.7 percent in other developed countries.

There are also a number of other problems.

Israel has a small, but highly diverse population of young people.

There has been a sharp rise in the proportion of people under 30, and these numbers are growing.

As a result, many young people do not feel comfortable leaving their homes for long periods of time, and they are therefore more likely to move abroad.

This causes significant hardship for the economy.

As the number grows, the cost of living increases and the number in employment falls.

It means that unemployment rises and people lose their jobs.

These changes are difficult to deal with and can have adverse consequences on the social fabric.

Moreover: The Israeli economy depends on the availability of a steady flow of foreign capital, which can be severely limited by the current economic crisis.

We have seen that in 2015 foreign capital flowed into the country from countries with weak economies, like the United States, China and Brazil.

Israel also has an international presence, and many foreign companies are based in the occupied territories.

For example, Israeli banks have international branches in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Singapore and Malaysia.

In the last few years, Israel has received a significant amount of international investment, which has created jobs and supported the economy, especially for young people and professionals.

We could continue to attract foreign investment in this direction.

However the situation is not ideal and we have to take more action to strengthen

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