How to use quizlet to solve your favorite trivia questions

LIVE aqua is one of the most popular questions you can ask yourself on quizlet.

If you want to get really serious about learning Spanish, this is the one you want.

The Spanish quizlet can answer questions like how to eat a grilled cheese, the difference between a chicken and a duck, or how many different colors of tea you can get at Starbucks.

Live aqua has a wide variety of answers to all of these questions.

And if you can’t remember a word of it, it will let you learn it by heart.

Here are some of our favorite answers to quizlet’s live aqua questions.

LIVE QUOTE “Why are you in a restaurant?

It’s called an aquarium.”

“I’m the best.

I can swim the length of the Atlantic Ocean, even if it’s over a million miles from the shore.”

“Can you hear me now?”

“I think I can hear you.”

“What are the most annoying things you see in the street?”

“A car going past you on the street and a truck going past, and then they turn around and drive right past you again.”

“Why do you always say ‘I can’t believe this?'”

“Why did you write that book?

It says that you can hear me.”

“If you’re pregnant, why did you choose to give birth in a zoo?

That is the biggest mistake that you could make.”

LIVE QUOTES “How long have you lived in a city?”

“How many days did you sleep in a hotel?”

“What is the most beautiful place on earth?”

“Why is there a mountain in Mexico?”

“Where does your favorite color come from?”

“Who was the first person to fly?”

“When did the earth form?”

“The number of people in the room at a time.”

“When will you be able to get a good haircut?”

“Which is the fastest way to reach a certain height?”

“Do you ever use your tongue to catch the sound of your own voice?”

“Is there a way to live forever?”

“Did you ever hear of a bird that flies like a bird?”

“Are you going to marry me?”

“Have you ever seen a dog that has wings?”

“Was it real or imaginary?”

“Would you rather have a pig or a dog?”

“If the sun was a planet, what would be the name?”

“You’re the first to know.

Why are you still alive?”

LIVE QUOINTS “What was the name of the first known civilization?”

“Were you born on January 1, 1800?”

“Your favorite color is red.”

“Are there any languages other than English?”

“My favorite color isn’t blue, is it?”

“Can a person die?”

“On how many days a year do we wake up?

(or what time it is)” “When was the last time you went to sleep?”

“Does a person get a full night’s sleep?”

LIVE EXAMPLES “What color are you?

(if you have to pick) green, yellow, red, or blue?”

“For how long did you live?”

“Describe your favorite place to go for a walk.”

“Do your hands look like this?

(i.e., a white and blue hand and finger)” “How big is your waist?”

“In what country is your country?”

“Say the first letter of each word in your name (without a capital).”

“Is your favorite food spicy?

(a dish made of onions, peppers, and peppers)” “Do people drink coffee?”

“Should you be a doctor?”

“Will you be married?”

“So, how many years ago was the earth formed?”

“After you go to sleep, where would you like to sleep?

(If you don’t know, you can go to bed.)”

“If your baby is born in a year, what day is the next birth?

(What time is it?)”

“What does a person eat in one day?

(what color is it?

What is the difference?)”

If you’re still here, I’m sure you’re having fun.

We hope you enjoyed the quizlet!

Check back in a couple weeks to see how it works and to see if you still have any questions.

Happy learning!

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