How to read the tweet that’s going to make your brain explode

What’s in a tweet?

What’s not?

How to spot a troll and how to tweet your way out of it.

Read moreNew York Times journalist James Poniewozik, a writer and editor at The Daily Beast, has been writing about social media since 2012.

He also served as the chief digital strategist for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012.

In an interview with The Hill, Poniewoshow how the Twitterverse has evolved over the years and how we should react to its new “social norm.”

Poniewozis also touched on the potential impact of Twitter bots and what it means for the future of our media ecosystem.

Below is the transcript of our conversation.

The Hill: When the Internet was born, there was nothing but an image of an iPhone, an iPad and a few dozen other devices.

What was the point?

Ponietz: The original goal was to get people to share, to create a shared digital identity.

But the idea behind Twitter was that we should build a universal platform.

That’s when the idea of an image came into play.

Poniotz: We are at the intersection of the social media world, where you are a single source, where your content is shared across the web.

You are now also a single, aggregated user.

You have a unique set of characteristics.

Ponipow: It is really hard to imagine a more exciting time than now.

Piotow is the Chief Digital Strategist for the Democratic National Committee.

He joined the DNC in 2015.

He is also the director of social media at New York University.

Puniewoz: The fact that we can see these two worlds in motion is a really big deal.

We are now on a path where we are really transforming the digital media landscape.

It is so exciting.

I love it.

Puerto Rico was a huge story, and we are still trying to figure out exactly what the fallout will be.

There were two major issues that emerged.

First, Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, declared a state of emergency after Hurricane Maria hit.

It was a direct response to Maria.

It has led to a lot of speculation about whether it is a way to try to avoid a federal disaster declaration.

But it also means that the federal government has stepped in and imposed a curfew and police response.

The second major issue was the impact of a cyberattack on Twitter that shut down the company’s servers and compromised thousands of accounts.

We now know that there were more than 300,000 accounts compromised, but there is no way to prove how many accounts were hacked.

Pólosiewicz: That was the first time that we actually had a direct consequence of what the tweets were about.

The first direct consequence was to people in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean being forced to turn on their Twitter account.

And now we are seeing that the impact on Twitter has been more of a reaction to the impact in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

Pongol: In a way, this is an evolution of how people are thinking about the way we communicate with each other.

This is really the first wave of social networking in the United States.

Poole: The first thing that happens is, people are looking for a more intimate connection with each person.

They are looking to connect with people on a personal level.

This creates the opportunity for an increased amount of privacy, and an increased level of trust.

The second thing is that it is about the ability for people to have that kind of intimate connection, which we can never do through text messages or Twitter, which is the medium of interaction.

Poulsen: People are starting to see this as a tool for personal growth, a way for people who don’t have much to do to really connect with each others.

When we are trying to build a global platform, the most important thing is the interaction between people, because that is the core of the digital economy.

This was a big issue that Puerto Rico was facing.

We have been dealing with it for the last week.

Poyo: There is so much speculation and there is so little data.

I am not an expert on Twitter, so I can’t comment on that.

I think that people will be disappointed when the news gets out and we see that Puerto Rican people, and Caribbean people, are getting disconnected.

I think that the worst of this is that Twitter has gotten so good at keeping the island in its control, that it has been able to create this huge amount of chaos, so that people are very focused on that moment when they decide to get connected with someone else.

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