How to make the most of the PlayStation Live chat feature

We all know that if you are spending hours chatting with friends and family, you will want to keep your chat sessions to a minimum.

To that end, Sony has created a feature called PlayStation Live Chat that will let you limit your chats to a maximum of 30 minutes.

There are other features like the ability to mute chat and the ability for people to change the sound of their voice during a chat, but these two features are what makes the feature so unique. 

It’s not the only chat feature that Sony has added to the PlayStation 4, but the feature that I like the most is the ability, once you’re in a conversation, to mute the chat entirely.

You can choose whether you want to mute your chat or not by going to the main chat settings menu and selecting the mute option.

Once you’ve selected the mute button, the option will pop up. 

There are two main options here.

You could also mute your console’s microphone, which would be the microphone that is used to communicate with the PlayStation network. 

As we mentioned earlier, Sony is adding a few more chat features to the PS4 this year.

The first one is called PlayStation Voice Chat, which is basically a chat feature built right into the PS Vita and PS3.

You will now be able to chat with your friends and even your own family members. 

The other chat feature added to PS4 is the Sony Voice Chat Messaging feature, which allows you to send a voice message to someone on your own PS4 console. 

This is where the PlayStation Vue feature comes in.

The PSVue feature will allow you to set up a PlayStation VioChat session to talk to someone in the room.

You’ll have the option of either using your own voice or the microphone.

The latter option will take priority over the former. 

When you enter the session, you’ll see a screen like this. 

After entering your details, you can choose to mute or unmute your microphone.

You’re also able to set the volume of your microphone, as well as set the audio to play at a normal volume. 

You’ll also be able change the volume and how often you’ll hear your own messages.

The final chat feature we’re going to cover is the PlayStation Voice Messaging, which can be found under the PlayStation Menu. 

I’ve mentioned before that you can send a message to the person in your room through PlayStation Voice Messenger.

The message you can receive is simply a message that contains the message you want them to receive.

You just have to tell your friend that you want the message and when they see the message, they will be able send you the message. 

Another neat feature of PlayStation Voice Messages is that they are completely anonymous.

You don’t have to send them a message, you don’t need to reveal your real name, and you can also send them messages that you don’ know their name. 

What about PlayStation Chat? 

Sony has also added a few other chat features, too.

For starters, you are now able to send and receive text messages.

You are able to do this through the Messages app, but you can only send a text message once a day.

You also can send text messages to a person in the same room, so you can still get a response in the next day or two. 

Finally, if you want, you may also be asked to send your own private message to your friends. 

Here’s how it works: First, select the friend that’s in your group on the PlayStation Home screen.

Next, select Send to Friend from the menu. 

Now, the message will be sent to that person.

You may select which of your friends you want send the message to. 

Once your friend receives the message they will reply to you. 

If you choose the reply option, the text will be saved and you will be notified of when they reply to your message.

It’s up to you to then reply back. 

To get more specific, if the message was sent to someone you know and you want that person to respond, you must reply back to that friend with the same name as the person that sent the message back.

If you want your friend to respond to you, you simply have to reply to the same person that gave the message in the first place. 

For some people, sending a private message is a hassle.

But for people like myself, sending it to someone I know and I know that they will respond is the way to go. 

But, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with sending a message.

I had my first PSV message sent to my friend after I told him I wanted to chat about PS4 and he sent me a private response.

I didn’t get a reply, but he told me that it was ok and he said that he’d probably send me a reply once I got a chance.

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