How the ‘living bike’ could be the next big thing

It is a big step up from the modern cycling cycle, but if it works it could be a game-changer for urban life. 

The idea behind this “living bike” is that instead of using wheels and pedals to get around, you sit on your bike and pedal it, and it can even carry you on your back and even climb hills.

This is because you can actually use the legs of the bike to balance yourself and it will automatically balance itself when you move, and the rider will only need to pedal once to keep it balanced.

It will be great for people who are constantly moving, because they can walk and pedal while riding the bike.

The bike is designed for people with mobility problems, and is made from an eco-friendly polymer that will last a long time, according to its creators.

They also said that the bicycle could also be used for people at risk of getting hurt on roads, because it can be folded and folded again.

They said the “living cycle” is designed to be lightweight, compact and light to carry, and that it will not break down when damaged.

It is also a “living” system, meaning it can also be powered by solar panels, or by batteries.

But the biggest benefit of this living bike is that it is a way to live better.

“In addition to being a bike, it can provide an environment that’s conducive to healthy, balanced and active living.

The living cycle provides a way for people to be active, get active and enjoy healthy, diverse, safe and sustainable urban living,” said the designers of the living bike. 

They said that while they are still in the early stages of testing, they were expecting the bike will be in the market in 2019, with a retail price point of around £2,000 ($3,400). 

The living cycle is designed by the designer, Michael Hines, a professor at the University of Bristol.

It is currently in pre-production and is currently on trial at a number of universities, including Cambridge University, the University. 

It is available for £3,300 ($5,500) at the company’s website.


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