How Hillary Clinton is planning to destroy the Dems | NYT

A major party’s biggest asset in the 2020 election is its ability to mobilize and raise money, but the DNC is trying to change that.

Democrats need a big donor base in 2020, and it is increasingly clear that the Clintons are not that big a target for fundraising.

The Democratic National Committee is in the middle of an aggressive fundraising effort that is already under way to support the party’s 2020 field.

The DNC has been aggressively recruiting new members for its newly formed Organizing for Action, a super PAC dedicated to promoting Democratic candidates.

But that effort will not begin until at least June, when it releases its first-ever tax return, according to several people familiar with the plan.

That’s a big deal because it means the party is on the brink of announcing its 2020 presidential candidates.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is also on a quest to attract donors.

He has launched a website to collect donations for Democratic candidates, including those running for governor, congressional districts and state offices.

The DNC is also expanding its effort to build relationships with donors, raising the possibility of a “first-of-its-kind fundraising platform” by 2020, according an official familiar with its plans.

With its 2016 efforts, the DNC has focused on raising money and building a national network of volunteers.

It has expanded that network with the purchase of digital assets such as voter files and data on how to register to vote.

But the 2020 effort will be more ambitious, as it aims to reach donors who would normally be hesitant to support a party that is widely viewed as a threat to its political future.

The focus is on cultivating new donors in 2020 by working with party committees to identify potential candidates, according the official familiar, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss the plans publicly.

The DNC is aiming to reach out to voters and get them to give money to Democratic candidates by making it clear to them that they can help shape the future of the party, said the official, who noted that there is already a network of donors who have pledged to support Democratic candidates in 2020.

“We’re going to make sure they understand the benefits of supporting the Democrats in 2020,” the official said.

“It’s not just about winning.

It’s about the future for the country.”

With Trump’s presidency, the party has seen a sharp decline in the number of members that have signed up for party meetings, and there is also concern about the political climate that will come with the new administration.

But with a Trump administration, there is a clear risk that the party will be weakened and become less competitive in 2020 in part because of the growing political polarization that has come with a political system that is increasingly polarized between Democrats and Republicans.

The party has also lost its way in terms of how to fight back.

Democrats are increasingly focused on the economy, immigration and other issues that have become much more relevant to voters in the years since the election, said one person familiar with party planning.

That is likely to change in 2020 because of Trump’s economic agenda, the person said.

In 2020, the Democratic Party will have a stronger case to be a viable party.

It will have to be, in part, because the president has demonstrated that he is willing to take on the party establishment, and he has demonstrated he can take on establishment leaders, said Mark Schlissel, a former DNC strategist and a professor of political science at the University of Minnesota.

The Trump administration is not just the focus of Democrats’ efforts, Schlisse said.

The president has also been a major force in making Republicans more conservative and in undermining the party base.

The administration’s actions and rhetoric have made it difficult for Democrats to connect with the base.

This is a huge shift in the way the party operates, and I think that’s why people are excited about 2020, said David Donnelly, a Democratic strategist who was a top adviser to then-President Obama.

I think it will help them in 2020 more than it will hurt them, he said.

But the party could also suffer in 2020 from the Trump administration’s policy agenda, said Andrew Surabian, a professor at George Washington University and a former deputy director of the DNC.

The party has a long history of embracing the kind of populist rhetoric that Trump has embraced, Surabic said.

He said that the DNC will also need to show a more coherent approach to policy that will not alienate voters.

The Democratic Party has a history of supporting progressive economic policies, and its future in 2020 will hinge on how it handles these issues, Suracian said.

It should not alienute voters, he added.

In addition, the 2016 election cycle is not going to be the same as 2020.

Trump’s victory has emboldened Republicans, who have continued to push for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which would leave millions of people without health insurance.

That, in turn, has caused Democratic candidates to have to defend their positions


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