How a hot blonde got her first job as a maid

This week, we’re going to show you how a hot blond from the Philippines came to have a career in the hospitality industry.

She is a model and a reality TV star.

We met her at her home in the Philippines and we spoke to her family and friends. 

As you can see, she’s very attractive.

And as you might imagine, she works in a very glamorous industry. 

I met her last night when I visited her home. 

“When I was younger, I thought I’d become a doctor, but I wasn’t really interested in that,” she told me.

“I’d been doing housework in the area.

When I got home, I asked my parents what I should do with my life, and they said that they wanted me to work as a cleaner.

So I went to the police station to see what they were talking about. 

When I showed them the video, they said it was fake.

They had no idea. 

So, I got the job.” 

“The first job was cleaning houses.

Then I got a housekeeper job, and then I worked as a house maid.

Then, one day, I was offered the job of a maid.

I had no clue that I was about to get married. 

And then, I started working in the housekeeping department, so that’s how I started. 

Then, I met another girl, and she told her that she wanted to work in the hotel.

So, I joined the staff. 

There were three or four women in the staff, and we started getting married in the first year.” 

It wasn’t long before the bridegroom had two wives. 

They were all in their 20s. 

Now, the couple has three children, all of whom are very happy. 

 “I was really happy with my first wife,” she said.

“She was really pretty, and it was just a pleasure to have them in our family. 

But, then, my second wife started showing signs of jealousy.

She thought that she should take me out to dinner and we’d have dinner. 

She’d never met me, and had never been with me. 

After dinner, I felt a lot of pain in my heart.

I didn’t know what to do, so I got her out of the house. 

Once she left, she asked me, ‘Did I do something wrong? 

Why do you think I’m marrying a girl like you?’ “

She said that if I didn-  She asked me again, ‘But, I’m only 20.

I said I was okay with it, because I had the money. “

So, she said, “Well, you’re a beautiful person, and you can go on and become a rich woman.” 

I said I was okay with it, because I had the money. 

My second wife was also married and very beautiful, but she didn’t want to be with me, so she asked if she could go out with me again. 

The third wife came to the house for dinner, and when she got there, I noticed that she had a little girl.

I don’t like to go out.’ “

‘What’s that? 

 “‘Well, I guess I will.’ “

‘But, it’s a good thing for you to come out to the dinner table.’ 

 “‘Well, I guess I will.’ 

The girl came out to eat with me for about a minute. 

Later, when the parents went to pick her up, she turned to me and said,  ‘What do you want me to wear to the wedding?’ 

 I told her, “You know what?

I don’t care. 

‘No, I don- ‘Because I want to wear a dress.’ 

‘Oh, no! 

‘You want to dress up for the wedding.’ 

I didn’t like that at all, and I told her to wear her wedding dress. 

It was her second wedding. 

At that time, I had already gotten married and had two children. 

We went out to a restaurant together, and that was the last time I saw my first husband. 

He was in the backseat of a car, and he was crying. 

(She told me later that he said, to my face, ‘You don’t want this, don’t you?’) 

When the parents came back home, they went to tell my wife, I was still in shock. 

Her parents didn’t seem to have any answers for her.

I asked her why she was going to a hotel, and she said, She didn’t think I wanted to go. 

Eventually, the family decided that I should go out on my own, and go

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