Google Maps live: India’s first-ever live traffic map for road safety

Google has unveiled its first-of-its-kind traffic safety map for India.

The new map, available in the Google Maps app on the country’s mobile-phone carriers, allows users to access the location data of the vehicle that is driving on the road at any given time.

It shows traffic lights, speed limits, and the number of vehicles travelling at a given speed and is based on Google’s own traffic-sensing algorithms.

Google says the map will help improve safety and reduce traffic deaths and injuries. 

Indian police have already mapped the country with the new traffic safety features, but Google says its first map for traffic safety will be made available on its own mobile app.

It said it is the first country in the world to have its own traffic safety app for mobile phones, with traffic data collected from the drivers’ devices and analyzed to give a more accurate representation of the road. 

Google Maps has been around for a long time.

The app launched in the United States in 2003, and now the company has over 70 million active users.

It was acquired by Microsoft in 2013 for $3.7 billion, and has since become a popular platform for data visualisation.

The map is being made available in India at the same time as the government has announced a $4.9 billion road safety campaign to reduce traffic fatalities in the country.

Google is also rolling out an app to allow the use of maps on its Android mobile operating system.

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