Coinsecure has signed up to be KTB LIVE comcast’s live streaming partner for KTB 2018

Coinsecure, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced it will be joining KTB Livecomcast for its live streaming events this summer.

The company announced the partnership today on Twitter, confirming it has signed a two-year agreement to be a KTB live streaming provider.

Coinsecure announced in January that it had signed a three-year partnership agreement with the cable network for its livestreaming of live events.

The platform is now offering its service to Comcast customers as well as cable operators in states such as Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

In August, Coinsecure signed a deal with the broadcaster for a two year term to stream the first episode of its upcoming reality series, KTB: Live!

and was also in talks to acquire the rights to broadcast a few more episodes of the show.

The network was also a big fan of the platform’s live stream technology, having used it to stream its events to more than 100,000 viewers across various platforms.

Coinsecurity also announced earlier this month that it will soon launch its live stream service to its members.

This will come at the same time as the company’s new platform, CoinSecure Live, which will be launched later this month, the company said.

CoinSecure Live will allow customers to subscribe to the KTB platform and then choose to stream events from the platform itself.

Coinsecure’s new service is being developed by Coinsecure co-founder and CEO Dan Vess, who previously led the company that created KTB, BitGo.

The live streaming service will include over 150,000 streams and be available to consumers in over 100 countries, according to Coinsecure.

The company said in a statement that its new service will allow users to subscribe and choose from their favorite content providers and channels.

This service is expected to launch in June.

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